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Aged Care Facilities

We are available to attend Aged Care Facilities on a regular basis, to assess and manage the nutritional care of residents. We currently work with a number of Aged Care Facilities in this manner, and offer superior quality of care to all residents. 

  • Our Aged Care Dietitians deliver friendly, professional, and effective nutrition services in residential aged care facilities across the Central Coast, Lake Macqaurie and Newcastle.
  • We strongly believe that enjoyable and nutritious food is essential for the physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing of our older Australians.
  • Our Aged Care Dietitians are dedicated to making nutrition a priority in residential day to day life, to improve and maintain the overall health and wellbeing of residents.

Food Consultancy Service – Nutritional Assessment of Menus

Our qualified and experienced dietitians are available to consult to food services within health settings, such as Aged Care Facilities. We will provide:

  • Comprehensive menu analysis using food composition databases
  • Dietetic assessment/interpretation of menu analysis in detailed report format
  • Proposed changes to the menu if necessary
  • New recipes for the proposed menu changes if required

Nutrition Talks

For many years, our enthusiastic dietitians have provided weekly nutrition talks to participants of a local health retreat. We also love to provide nutrition talks to local community groups, private or corporate organisations. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a dietitian to provide a nutrition presentation of the highest quality to your group or team.

  • Weekly Nutrition Talks
  • Community Group Talks
  • Talks for Private Organisations 
  • Talks for Corporate Organisations 


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