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We want to get rid of the confusion around food for you!

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About Us...

Feast for Health was founded by Lori Hopley in 2009. It quickly grew to become one of the most well-known and respected teams of Dietitians in the Newcastle, Central Coast, and Lake Macquarie regions of NSW.

For 14 years, Feast for Health proudly helped over 30,000 patients, seen from over 30 different outpatient clinic locations across the region. In August 2023, we closed our individual consulting rooms, to solely focus our services in the Aged Care sector, one of our greatest passions. We also love to provide nutrition talks to the wider community, as well as to private organisations.

Our Approach to Nutrition

Our clients have always given us very positive feedback about our approach. We don’t like to give out restrictive diets or meal plans, or simple directions on what to ‘eat’ or ‘don’t eat’. We prefer to provide our clients with education about the different types of food and how those foods relate to you and your health goals. Using that information, we can then guide and support you to follow a way of eating that will get you to your goals quickly and easily.

We want to get rid of the confusion around food for you! Food is simple, and should be one of the simple joys of life. We will answer your food questions, and clear up all of that conflicting information that you’ve heard over the years! You will wish you had seen us years ago!

We don't believe in 'diets'. Food is a wonderful part of life and should be enjoyed. We believe that eating for health should not be restrictive. Through dietary education about how different foods affect our bodies, our clients can usually FEAST on plenty of food and enhance their health while doing so.


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